Yard Waste Handling

To the left is an example of our yard waste composting.  What looks like smoke in the picture is actually water vapor escaping the windrow as it is turned.  Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and heat are liberated during the composting process.  On cold days it can be hard to even see the ground in front of you while going through a composting windrow!

Pictured below is one of our Backhus compost turners.  These straddle-type turners are mounted on tracks and run diesel engines.  These machines can turn upwards of 6500 cubic yards of material per hour.  We have semi tractors with low-boy trailers for the transportation of these machines although the smaller ones can be pulled on a trailer behind a pickup.

We can handle any size operation.  We can do "contract turning" which involves us bringing in our equipment as needed to handle your yard waste or we can have a dedicated crew assigned to your operation.

One of the best ways to handle yard waste problems is to compost it with another byproduct nearby, such as biosolids or food waste.  Since yard waste has a very high carbon content, it is beneficial to mix it with a nitrogen source to induce quicker composting.

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