Site Rehabilitation

At Soil Solutions Co., we like to look at things a little differently than our competitors.  We like to think of each new job as a potential long term contract.  Therefore, we always guarantee the best possible rates in order to gain your business and trust.

One way that we do this is to take a dilapidated site and turn it into a working site.  This creates a potential income stream for the municipality.  The new site can be used for many activities such as a transfer facility, a parking area for the motor pool, a composting/yard waste handling area, etc.

Please check back often as we are adding pictures of our job site in Goshen Indiana which have done just that.  We have been taking a site that was mishandled by a previous contractor and cleaning it up to turn it into a world-class composting facility.  The site has been stockpiled with leaves, stumps, and brush for far too long.  Through our service agreement with the City, we have been able to sell landscaping materials out of the site to help reduce the overall cost to them.  This has in turn led to us being able to hire 4 people to work solely at that particular site.  It has been a constant battle, always finding new surprises around every corner, but we are close to finishing up the clean-up stage of the service agreement...just check out the pictures!

You can see through the progression of these pictures how the site is coming along.  Our date for completion of composting and screening of all backlogged yard waste material (20,000-30,000 cubic yards) was the end of August 2010.

This is what much of the facility looked like prior to our arrival in June 2009.  There was roughly 10 acres like this.

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