SS of Elkhart, LLC


Screened Animal Bedding (SAB) - 3/8" minus sizing

Pine SAB - 3/8" minus sized pine bedding

Pine Curls - Pine shavings bedding

Pine Fines - Pine dust bedding


Aged Natural Bark Mulch-Ground and stacked during the winter             to season and compost into a dark brown finish. Then ground               again for consistency. Made with no artificial dyes or colorants.

Light Natural Bark Mulch

Red, Black, Chocolate Brown, & Cherry Brown dyed mulch
·Our dyed Mulches are made from recycled wood, consistently ground and colored through a Colortom 125 for a longer lasting more consistent color than traditional dye systems.

Playground Mulch

Screened Topsoil Blend

Screened Compost

Fill Dirt


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