We have a service agreement with the City of Goshen in Indiana to handle their Environmental Center.  Here we take leaves, grass, and natural wood waste.  We accept roughly 6,000 tons of yard waste annually at the facility.  We compost the grass and leaves to make an organic compost that is sold to homeowners, landscapers, suppliers, and bagging operations.  The wood waste is stockpiled until there is enough to justify bringing in a grinder.  Once the grinder comes in, we create mulch products with the wood materials.  The service agreement also includes cleaning up the facility which was left in disarray by the previous contractor.  This includes processing 10+ years worth of leaves in 2010 alone.


We have been contracted by the City of Angola in Indiana to compost their biosolids from the treatment plant.  We work with City employees here to create windrows of the correct size, C:N ratio, porosity, moisture content, etc.  Once the windrows are created, we come in with one of our Backhus compost turners to turn the windrows to induce a more efficient composting process.  Once the composting has helped the City to meet their PFRP standards, the City takes the compost and supplies it to local residents.  This is an example of how we can help an entity turn an otherwise costly byproduct into a beneficial product.


In the summer of 2009 we worked with the City of Kendallville in Indiana to remove old biosolids from the facility.  The biosolids were already Class A, so this was a fairly straightforward job for us.  We brought in triaxles and a track loader to remove the biosolids.  We found a home for the biosolids as well so they didn't need to be landfilled.

City of Fort Wayne Biosolids Handling Facility

Through our close relationship with Fox Contractors Corp. of Fort Wayne and Indianapolis we have had the opportunity to help with the Fort Wayne Biosolids Handling Facility.  This facility is several hundred acres of biosolids and lime lagoons.  Here the biosolids are received from the treatment plant and processed into Class A, EQ biosolids.  In 2009, a total of roughly 35,322 tons of biosolids were sold and 82,280 tons of lime were given away and/or sold.  The pictures above show the 3-bin mixing system for the blending of biosolids, yard waste compost, etc. into finished products.

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