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Our Roanoke, Indiana location offers landscaping, bedding and property management products for both commercial and residential customers.

  • Chicken Waste - Chicken manure and eggshells composted into a nitrogen rich blend. Recommended to be mixed with our yard matter compost for gardens and flower pots.
  • Yard Matter Compost - Leaves, lawn clippings and small twigs composted down into a nutrient blend. Recommended for gardens, flower beds and new lawns.
Dyed Mulches:
  • Black
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Red
  • All are made from recycled lumber and ran through a Colortrom 125 for a thicker coat to last longer than traditional dyed mulches.
Natural Mulches:
  • Aged Natural- Composted logs and limbs that are heated and seasoned. No artificial dyes or colorants are added to this hardwood mulch. Great for around trees or in flower beds because of the compost fines in the mulch.
  • Oak Bark- Ground Oak logs and limbs composted to a light and stringy brown finish. Also made without artificial dyes or colorants.
Lawn Products:
  • Grass Seed :American & Challenger Mixes available.
  • Lawn Fertilizers: Crabgrass Preventer (Early Spring), Weed and Feed (Early-Mid Summer), Late Summer, and Winterizer fertilizers.

•Landscape and Volume Rates are available to those who Qualify.
•Sales Tax Exemptions available with proper paperwork.
Rental Equipment
The Roanoke home location also has a rental fleet of property management equipment available for both residential and commercial applications. This fleet includes: skid loaders, track loaders, mini excavators, mini backhoes and land application equipment. This equipment is available for daily, weekly, or monthly rental. Call for availability and term options (260)-672-3300.
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