Biosolids Handling

At Soil Solutions Co. we can contract with a municipality or industrial entity to handle biosolids. 

We can handle your biosolids in several different ways...
  • Composting
  • Land Application-solids
  • Land Application-injection


Through composting, we will achieve a Class A biosolid product that can be sold as a beneficial soil amendment.  This can help to offset the cost to the client.  We can market the product for you or we can leave the material for you to market.


We have equipment that can spread solid materials.  This usually includes a large box spreader pulled by one of our tractors.  We can also do smaller jobs with our Turf Tiger spreaders.


We have subsurface injection equipment for liquid materials.  We use TerraGator liquid injectors and also drag-line systems.  This allows us to inject inert or putrescible liquids below the soil surface to achieve vector attraction reduction standards.

You can check out some of our application equipment on our Industrial Organic Waste page.
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