About Us
Some of our offerings include:

We are a small, minority owned company that specializes in the permitting, handling, and processing of organic wastes.  We provide services for the municipal, industrial, and agricultural industries both on and off-site at project and managerial levels.  Our focus is on the permitting, program management, land application, and composting of organic wastes produced by these industries.  Our staff is involved in marketing, consulting, and operations of environmental programs throughout the Midwest.

Through our relationships with several contracting firms in Indiana, we have found that we can offer a variety of environmental services at a discounted rate when compared to other larger firms.  We have been in business since 2001, although our staff brings many more years of experience to the table.  Please check out our staff page to see some of our management members and their stories.

Please take a look at two of our client stories to see what types of services we have been able to offer two very different customers with very different situations and needs.

Some of our memberships include the following

We keep on staff several Certified Composting Systems Managers/Technicians.  We also have a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control on staff.

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